he should not be on there he’s a bloody scottish pig who fought again the good king edward and the brave soliders of england. He commited many autrocities against the English, Why is he on the list, it’s not right.

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  • dustin port:

    Do not doubt the list.

  • Jon B:

    And the English inflicted atrocities on the Scottish. Remember the English were invading the Scottish, not the other way round. Imagine your feelings for your nationalist leader if it WAS the other way round, and English independence was threatened. It was a public vote, and thus many Scots were able to enter, and voted for him. I doubt many English did! I’m English too but your bias is sickening. Good king Edward? He was French you ignorant fool! Get over your nationalism and read a damn book.

  • Neville:

    Which list? I don’t disagree with you but your reasoning is highly questionable. The list of Greatest Britons – if such a thing exists – would naturally include some Scots by virtue of what they have achieved. Scots are Britons too!

    William Wallace won one battle against the English and then spent the next eight years in France trying to enlist French support, or on the run in Scotland. He didn’t really do anything to deserve the accolade you mention. However the English committed a huge atrocity in the way they executed him, so that was a bit of a two way street. Incidentally, I’m English.

  • Laredo:

    I can see why William Wallace was on the list of greatest Britons, after all he was a Scot and Scotland is part of Britain. He fought for what he believed in against the English, the English were always fighting the Scots. As for the atrocities that you think he made against the English at that time, the English probably carried out as many atrocities against the Scots.
    So I would agree to William Wallace being on the list.

  • Cheese and Onion:

    What is a “Briton”??

  • Angry Scotsman:

    The english have never had a soldier nearly close as to the greatness of the mighty Wallace.

    No 1 Scotsman of all time.

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