Excerpt from the historical monologue “400 Years of English History” presented by artist/historian George S. Stuart as part of an exhibit of his Historical Figures at the Ventura County Museum of Art and History in Ventura California. Visit the Gallery of Historical Figures online at www.galleryhistoricalfigures.com.

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  • liktom:

    This should be taught in schools every where because I believe children would be fascinated with the Historical Figures and the way Mr.Stuart tells the history behind them. I look forward to buying the series so I can hear the full history about the figures in their entirety. Well done Mr. Stuart you got my attention plus I learned more about these Historical Figures who shaped history and influenced the future.

  • liktom:

    Thank you Mr. Stuart for the lovely Historical figures and turning people’s heads to history, that is so important about policies and laws that have had affects on the future. I look forward to buying the series so I can hear all the information about each figure in it’s entirety. This would be vary rewarding in all schools for learning history, I feel they would just totally soak this in and actually learn something for a change. Well done Mr. Stuart you got my attention.

  • martel732:

    I’m sure this is just part of a larger lecture. Besides, policies are due in part to a person’s background and beliefs…

  • jimmbo13:

    this historian seems to be “dumbing” down history. i mean rather than talk of his policies or subtle theories, he dwells on his night walks

  • GeorgesBarras:

    He may have been dull, but he was a political genius.

  • IanDavidMorris:

    I’m sure he mentions this at some point, but Gladstone’s anti-Imperialist tendancies did nothing to endear him to our Vicky – particularly the Liberals’ lukewarm disapproval of Disraeli’s offering her the title “Empress”.

  • bard2007:

    William Gladstone will be far more important in memory than this somebody. Its an extremely unprofessional reflection of a great British Politician.

  • workingclassbum:

    this is weird hearing an american historian talk about british political history

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