Divorce beheading death in childbirth exile..The women who married henry viii are best known for the way their lives ended. Yet these 6 queens also possessed seductive guile & extraordinary political skill in the face of dangerous court intrigues.

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  • Alandrian Queen:

    “If I two heads I would be delighted to marry you.”
    xD Ohhhhhh! Mega BURN!!!!

  • BoleynGirl3:

    Henry was just jealous because he had slightly smaller cup size then Anne of Cleaves. 😉

  • Nat lazer:

    He got pretty burned with the second one.

  • elmonumi:

    “If I head two heads I would be delighted to marry you.”
    “I may be a big woman but I have a very little neck.”

    So.. they heard about Anne Boleyn, huh?

  • lacy Kat:

    its creeping me out how the woman in the picture that the cronwells showed heny looks almost exactly like me… o.O

  • pepe10282002:

    If you call Henry VIII a pig, and Elizabeth I a clown and *******, how would you feel if you were called a pig, a *******, and a clown?

  • BoleynGirl3:

    I think Henry didn’t like her because she failed to recognize him in disguise. He was a diluted spoiled boy in a man’s fat smelly body who was so used to everyone falling over themselves over him. He was not used to AOC’s cool disdain and he could not deal with it. It was too much a blow to his ego and in short he could not handle the truth. So that is why he had to say she had ‘evil odors’,she looked like a horse and he liked her NOT etc. Poor girl. No one told her about him in disguise.

  • SonnyRed420:

    I like her not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rockinamber18:

    lets just say henry had an “interesting” taste in women >.>

  • rockinamber18:

    actually elizabeth wore the white make-up because when she became queen she caught a disease that some said that she could of easily died from, but she went to live on. and she wore a wig. but usually putting on white face make up in some countries and caulters around the world would find it beautiful. especially back in ancient china, the women wore the make up for the men found it very beautiful and have them become elegant with grace.

  • bjnboy:

    Anne of Cleves was NOT ugly as Henry alleged. Contemporary reports of that time described her as being as handsome as any other woman of her day, that she was tall, curvy and had large full breasts and brown hair.

    If anything, it was her Germanic behaviour, way of speaking and clothes that Henry did not like. That and the fact, that she was not his type of woman. He apparently preferred shorter, slender women with small breasts.

  • TheHotMedusa:

    LMAO @ Jabba the Hut! And you’re so right…he’s got some friggin’ nerve!

  • chloebella17:

    This Anne of Cleve’s is lovely, but her dresses are hideous. The French style is the best.

  • chloebella17:

    @PrincessPink4448 don’t you dare talk that way about Elizabeth! She was not a ******* and was one of the greatest monarchs in England’s history! She was beautiful and a genius and witty and brilliant (what every queen should be).

  • Mirichan:

    The actress who plays Anne of Cleves is ironically the best-looking one in this documentary…

  • Mary Giron:

    15th century facebook courting lol. Person doesn’t look like the picture lol. Not Annes fault but the painter..derp!

  • PrincessPink4448:

    Henry is hidouis in his later years and His ******* dauther Elizabeth was to. Henry looked like a pig because of his fatness and Elizabeth looked like a clown because of the white makeup she wore alot.

  • NFitalianGuy:

    Jane, Anne of Cleves and the last wife Catherine Parr, all were very loving and supportive of their husband’s children from his marriage and were very motherly.. Mary and Elizabeth would remember their kindness to each of them.. Ann Boelyn was all about her and her child and waged a campaign against Mary..

  • VivianaVixen:

    ok to be fair i believe he really did care for Jane, his court should have been more respectful and given the poor man time to mourn her properly perhaps then things would not have gone so terribly.

  • SpartanWarrior1119:

    Ironically, Anne of Cleves, who represented the Protestant interests in England, converted to Roman Catholicism shortly before her death in 1557. (Granted, it was during the reign of Mary I, but Mary had never once criticized Anne’s previous religious leanings).

  • Lloyd Fan:

    PS:James the fifth

  • Lloyd Fan:

    in this video anne lookes pretty

  • yooringonghan:

    Marie de Guise (Mary of Guise) was the future mother of Mary Stuart (through her husband James I-forgot-how-many of Scotland), who was later executed by Elizabeth I; and who married as her first husband Henri II of France’s first-born son the future Francois II when he was Dauphin.

    It’s true Henry wasn’t at all taken by Anne of Cleves, but after their divorce they became close friends, according her with respect even if nothing at all happened between them.

  • littlemissivyleague:

    “I like her not!” If Henry said that to me, he’d have more to worry about then being fat.

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