Divorce beheading death in childbirth exile..The women who married henry viii are best known for the way their lives ended. Yet these 6 queens also possessed seductive guile & extraordinary political skill in the face of dangerous court intrigues.

25 Responses to “Wives of Henry VIII (episode4, part1/5)”

  • LoveResidentEvil4:

    Watched ALL episodes in a day…thanks for´╗┐ uploading ­čÖé

  • BoleynGirl3:

    Can you back that up? Because in all my studies of her I found it was not known what her hair color was. Though the speculation indicates´╗┐ dark blond or auburn curls.

  • TheAloudin:

    YUCK Henry looks like a´╗┐ creep @5:00

  • Brittney Taylor:

    Katherine looks so so so SO old in this episode. she was only what like 17 or somewhere´╗┐ around that age.

  • LeahBandB:

    Kitty was my favorite. She was gettin’ it´╗┐ in! hahahaa

  • chloebella17:


  • chloebella17:

    Henry and Catherine were married for about two years. The marriage was consummated. Catherine could have given birth´╗┐ a a

  • Rinsuki:

    You know that is what he gets! I mean Anne probably was the most fertile out of all of them. She was robust and had big breast (high level of estrogen). He was disgusting so he should have been grateful if he got any woman at all.´╗┐

  • PrincessPink4448:

    She´╗┐ had urban brown hair not red or blonde hair.

  • PrincessPink4448:

    Shes the 16 century Anna Nicole Smith´╗┐

  • NFitalianGuy:

    Henry VIII let his lust of´╗┐ loins and food, dictate over his intelligence. He sowed what he reaped.. They rather have drama than stability.

  • NFitalianGuy:

    I’m sure with Henry’s weight and his legs´╗┐ with oozing sores must have smelled wonderful! yuk

  • xMidnax:

    She was only like, what, 18 years old? Sorry, but when it comes to political and social´╗┐ intrigue and such, you really can’t expect very much from a teenager.

  • beautifulsoulnae:

    katherine wasnt gunna make it´╗┐ cause king henry was old as hell and fat lol

  • CitricAcid:

    Between 1:50 and 2:33
    Couldn’t help but be a little weirded out at whatever odd game they were playing in their night gowns, followed by Francis walking in, fully clothed, watches them creepily, then puts on that terrifying grin; a grin that, had you seen him do that in´╗┐ a dark alley way, would lead anyone to believe he was about to rape them.

  • rackm117:

    henry also stank white people didn’t bathe back then. wow one of those times having big tiddes was a´╗┐ detriment! LOL

  • dodavis419:

    This documentary was made years´╗┐ before the Tudors and had a rather large book about it as well.

  • yooringonghan:

    I don’t know if many know this…but Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard were cousins (forgot the level of consanguinity), so, coincidence or not, were both´╗┐ beheaded, but for entirely different reasons…

  • yooringonghan:

    Erasmus during that time (maybe the early reign´╗┐ of Henry or earlier) wrote some girls were brides at 10 then mothers at 11.

  • KT Didit:

    Katherine was doomed–both by her position and the relationships she had prior to being used as a pawn by her family for advancement. She was barely a teenager, married to a man who was in his late 40’s, smelled like a chicken coop, and weighed about 300 pounds. She was desperate for the required male heir and had to do anything possible, to avoid losing her life or being shunted into a nunnery. She´╗┐ was most definitely a victim–of both her time and situation.

  • TheCuteVamp:

    If Katherine Howard had just waited this out and was a faithful for a few more´╗┐ years,she would’ve been able to marry anyone she wanted and porbalary would’ve a large dowry to give as a Dowager Queen. But no,she had to be unfaithful and of course,her head got cut off.
    I don’t exactly see her as Victim.

  • ykastenable:

    I laughed a lot when David said she was pretty and her face like ‘ woow, that’s gold’! this girl is damn stupid,´╗┐ for god’s sake!

  • James Twelves:

    …Kitty looks like so much´╗┐ fun!…especially after the loathsome Anne, yechhh…

  • freakystylntime:

    weird how she looks like shes in her thirties when she´╗┐ was 10.


    that’s what you get for´╗┐ loving the hos

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