Divorce beheading death in childbirth exile..The women who married henry viii are best known for the way their lives ended. Yet these 6 queens also possessed seductive guile & extraordinary political skill in the face of dangerous court intrigues.

24 Responses to “Wives of Henry VIII (episode4, part2/5)”

  • simplypretty78:

    ohhh **** this fucking fat king!!!

  • Dusty Keleher:

    who knew Cranmer was ambidextrous?

  • PhilippineAmerican:

    The actress that portrays Catherine Howard looks older that a teenage girl.

  • germankiwigal:

    Don’t bring her up, because she is not a good example of this at all, having been the daughter of one of the greatest queens of Europe and thus most definitely having the training to be a queen. Also, she was a much better queen than rumour has it – it surely wasn’t HER fault entirely that France was in bad shape back then! Also, she gave the king an heir as demanded.

  • NFitalianGuy:

    What troubles me about the actress who portrayed Catherine is that she looked more like a 11 yr old girl.. which makes this part very weird in the series..

  • NFitalianGuy:

    Sovereigns raised their heirs to their thrones to become sociopathic. When times were bad and not in their favor, they blamed everyone but themselves rather than admit their failures.

  • xMidnax:

    Also who the **** was that old dickhead to say anything about Catherine cheating on him? He had tons and tons of extramarital affairs and lovers all throughout his life, and cheated on every one of his wives.

  • xMidnax:

    Hahaha why did it matter so much to him if she was a virgin or not? His first wife Catherine of Aragon probably wasn’t (Arthur’s death left her in an extremely difficult position, so she likely lied about not having sex with him in order to protect herself and Mary), Anne Boleyn definitely was not (they had sex before they got married..), and Catherine Parr definitely wasn’t either (as she’d already been married twice).

  • Lonsoleil:

    What the **** made Henry VIII’s old FAT ass think Katherine Howard really loved him?

    Ugh. Poor Katherine.

    Could you imagine a big, fat, naked Henry VIII laying on a bed with his stinky leg waiting for you to come have sex with him? WHO WOULD WANT TO CLIMB THAT?!?!

    Yes, what Katherine did was idiotic. But she was a teenager and it’s common knowledge that teens do stupid things.

    She didn’t deserve to die. As far as I’m concerned, Henry VIII murdered that poor girl!!

  • Dignity16C:

    An amazing portrayal of Henry VIII and his wives. Thx again!

  • TheCuteVamp:

    The real problem with Catherine Howard was after her marriage she was not faithful. And she had lied about her virginty.

  • TheCuteVamp:

    It is said Bessie Blount,mother of Henry FitzRoy was a virgin. Jane was porbalry one. His first two was dubotful. Catherine of Aragon porbalray had sex with Aruthur,Henry’s brother and maybe Anne Boleyn,with her former bethoral,Henry Percy. Defifinably not Catherine Parr. But these three(Anne,Catherine of Aragon,Catherine Parr) would not really be jugded as they were married or bethroted(those days,good as married.) when these “carnal realtions” happened.

  • Kuriix:

    Yeah one side says so and one side says it isn’t so.
    I personally am not so convinced she was.

  • ykastenable:

    jesus christ! Henry really doesn”t have any luck when it becomes to love huh?

  • Kuriix:

    That german anne chick would have been his first virgin probably so kinda ironic that he expected her to not be a virgin for her size

  • tstlkevanilla:

    I’d still do him.

  • Karrah Dedominick:

    his proublem is he has a ego the size of his belly

  • freakystylntime:

    Shes absolutely ugly. what are you talking about.

  • gigi ele:

    that must be the oldest teenager ever, the casting for these documentries really sucks or maybe im so used to the tv show the tudors actors, maybe the looked a lot older ack then, they lived hard and died young

  • crazy56533:


  • Alexandra Kuper:

    no way she is 15 i am 19 and that woman is way older than me

  • SielofJM:

    After three consummated marriages and at least two known mistresses he was unable to recognise if his wife was a virgin or not? That question has been digging into my mind for years now. Had any of his lovers been a virgin when they got into Henry’s bed? We know that Mary Boleyn, Catherine Howard and Catherine Parr were no virgins, Catherine of Aragon most probably wasn’t one, too, and the same might go for Anne Boleyn.

  • Karrah Dedominick:

    Now Henry knows what his first Kathrine felt when he was cheating when he was young

  • Karrah Dedominick:

    amen to that

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