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  • Peter Cannon:

    wasting a traidsmans time and thats rite thats why they do this .if you are not home when they said they would have someone to see what needs done .its a great way to stop timewasters and no answer at the property .but not this housing gang they say in letters to house of lords letters That they do come to your house without notice and dont get a person in .so what is it your employers dont fallow your orders and take it apon themselfs to breakthe rules we all have to abide by or are i peter

  • Peter Cannon:

    riverclyde slums are the worse housing in scotland .they destoyed easterhouse in glasgow now they are not repairing what privite landlords would be jailed .so if you dont want to get nothing fixed dont rport it as you will get put on their bad tennent list just for complaining .and even thou as all know you make a complaint they take name phone. were you live and whats the problems are tell you to go home and when repairman is ready for your house they call to make sure you are in to stop wastin

  • Craig Dobbin:

    my sweetheart danielle mitchell got a glimpse of her beloved late dad and would like to thank the uploader you made her day now she can see him again thanks


    Nice wan Eddie

  • junglebray:

    very interesting. my mother came from the Port. i was brought up in greenock. nice to see a respectful, serious film about the reality of life in those hard times

  • Laurence Deary:


  • Richard Bleasdale:

    Hi Eddie, Yes I had the pleasure of knowing the Hagens. Paul was my best man, Hughs brother.

  • kingtiffin:

    Excellent video i stayed next door to Cassie Graham growing up as a wee boy she
    was a brilliant neighbour to our family.

  • Eddie Ceann Caidhe:

    Hi , Richard, did you know Hugo” ??….

  • Richard Bleasdale:

    Excellent Hugo.


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